Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dawson City Meeting

This painting was meant to be a wedding gift for our friends Davy and Zoe. It didn't turn out to my liking, so they've never seen it. I believe it was the summer of 2007 that they got married and the painting was started. This photo of the painting has better colour saturation and pop than the actual painting, so i quite like the photo of the painting.
It's my understanding that Davy and Zoe met in Dawson City at an annual music festival that is held there. Initially i wanted to incorporate an elephant to represent Davy, who is Indian, and a moose to represent Zoe, who is from New Brunswick, the big red and white tent that is set up at the music festival, and this red hotel from a picture i found of main street Dawson City. I think they met in a bar, but i don't know if it was this hotel's bar or not? Odds are not. Dianne didn't like the idea of the animals representing people, and was worried Zoe wouldn't find being portrayed as a moose amusing. So i settled for this design with the hotel and the big tent.

I quite like this photo of the painting, so i may go back and try the painting again but make sure it's just as saturated as this photo. I'm also going to work on the original concept of incorporating the moose, maybe doing a yoga pose and with a binder dot, and with an elephant too. I quite like the idea of putting two animals together that definitely don't have the same geography to represent two people in harmony with different backgrounds.

I'll make some sketches and blog my progress.

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  1. I like this painting and knowing the backstory makes me like it even more!