Monday, March 22, 2010

Fractal Abstract

I quite like how this little watercolour painting turned out. It was inspired by the works of Sam Francis. I like his organic or "natural" looking patterns. I also really like the way his colour combinations work. I personally doubt i'll ever get that impact satisfactory.

I haven't painted in quite a while. Almost a month. I'm quite bogged down with the painting for Joanie. I fear that something quite bold must be done or it will look flat. When i photograph it with my cell phone and dappled light is coming through the window, I just love how it looks in the picture. That's what i want! It's intimidating. I may have to randomly pour water on it and give it a swish or something to get that impressionist look. I don't know what i'll do?

But i'm happy i did this little painting in just one night. I must try to paint more little ones, even if i don't feel like tackling Joanie's at the time. I hope it sells tons on istockphoto too. My paintings are doing quite nicely there. Certainly a good reason to keep painting little works.

June 16th Update:
Did i write i was happy with this little painting? Well since that post i disliked it. It spent too much time in plain view around the house and i altered it some more, including flipping it upside down.