Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Another Bodhi Tree

I think this is the third bodhi tree i've painted. They seem to be quite popular. Was recently asked to paint another one that is 36x48. That will be my biggest painting.

This one is 30 inches high. The friend that asked for it wanted a 36x36 painting, but paper that high is not easy to find. This was actually a piece of illustration board. I hope it is archival quality?

So after it was done and as photographed above, I cut it to 30 inches wide. My friend wanted a square painting. It didn't look as good square. I think next time I'll cut the paper to the size required before painting, so it will be painted to fit the correct ratio. That is the composition will be correct. I'm not against square paintings, I just think that i painted it in a rectangle and when it was cut to be square it didn't look as good.