Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Closeup Portrait

I'm pretty happy with how this painting turned out. I didn't do any planning or sketching but carved out the face as I went along. It's a bit of a surprise the proportions are more or less okay. It looked better wet than after it dried though. There is probably a fixer or something i can spray on it to look wet? The nose looks a little too straight on and should probably be pointing more to the left. But maybe she is an ex-hockey player and it's bent out of shape? That's the story i'll go with. Overall I still like it.


  1. Excellent Phillip - keep going. Just given you a little tweet! http://twitter.com/#!/PaulBaileyArt

  2. Quite amazing to watch you create this portrait. Nice capture, how much speeded up I wonder, but intriguing portrait in the end. Congrats! Came here from flickr

  3. I think my camera makes time lapse movies at 15 frames per second and I shot it one frame per second, so the actual painting time is about 65 minutes. Thanks for your comment Maggie!