Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pool Shark Attack

For this painting i referred to a photo i took last year. In the photo you can obviously tell Danielle is on the pool table at my office, but it's not so obvious in this painting. I suppose that gives it a bit more mystery.

I don't think it's quite done. I will probably define the hands a little more and put a little more shading, particularly on the right of the face and body to give more roundishness and less flat looking. I also think the background needs some more reddishness near her arm and head; to give it a more bloody look. And the dress needs a strap on the left shoulder.

It took quite a few layers, as you can see in this video to decide the colouring and whether it would be more of a middle value or a very dark key.

The time lapse video was captured at 1 frame per second and the playback is at 15 frames per second. The actual painting time is around an hour and a half.

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