Friday, May 8, 2009

Old Style

I've been working on this pretty big painting for the last week. I've let it dry completely between layers of paint. Probably should have done many studies to figure out the colours before going ahead using a big sheet of 20 x 24 inch paper. Have been trying to adjust colours as it goes.

Part of what's bugging me is that i'm not sure how abstract it is. Of course i know what it is and the repetitive shapes should be matching if it was realistic. Maybe it wouldn't matter so much if it was a much looser style.

Even though i'm not exactly happy with it yet, i'm pleased i've been able to control the paint much more than i could even just a short while ago. I feel my technique is much stronger and less reliant on happy accidents.
Taking pictures and looking at it here has also given me a new prospective and a few of the problems with this painting are much clearer. I'm still optimistic going forward.


  1. These look like mushrooms. But I recently toured a mushroom farm and just wrote an article about it, so I have mushrooms on the mind.

  2. I believe this painting is inspired by playoff season. I rather like it. Since you're an artist Phil, I think degrees of abstract are entirely up to your own discretion. I really like it.